Livestock & Realty

About Us

Burnett Livestock & Realty commenced business in September 2007, previously operating as Noel Anderson & Co. and Biggenden Real Estate. The change to the new name was made to better capture what we do and where we do business.

Our Motto

Delivering Results – Not Rhetoric We define rhetoric as empty promises. We believe that promising clients the sky and then doing very little is the worst outcome for a client. We are about results.

Our Mission Statement

We provide Livestock and Real Estate clients with accurate information and versatile resources. We are approachable and provide a personalised service.


We are a part of your community.

Our catchment covers the area depicted in the circle. We believe in the old traditions of being a livestock and property agent and combine this with flexibility and responsiveness to deliver the results you need. We can only succeed if we are a part of your community. We love being successful as it allows us to do great things for the community.