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2018… Start Off On The Right Foot!

January 10, 2018

2018… Are You Ready?

To ensure you receive maximum competition for your cattle when selling through Biggenden saleyards here are a few tips…Start 2018 out on the right foot!

National Vendor Declarations – Important Information

Buyers are really cracking down on how National Vendor Declarations (NVDs) are completed. Some important areas to note are:

– All NVDs must be signed in the Declaration section (above the carrier section). An NVD is a legal document so make sure you understand what you are signing your name to.

– Question 3 must be ticked either yes or no – you CANNOT tick both.
If you are sending a mixed consignment of vendor bred and purchased cattle either send two NVDs or treat all of the consignment as the cattle you have owned the least amount of time eg: you have owned some of the cattle for 6-12 months, some you have owned for over 12 months and some you have owned since birth, then mark them all as 6-12 months.

– Do NOT write Russian or Saudi Eligible on your NVD – there is no need for this anymore as the C0413 NVD version has negated this comment.

– If you make a mistake clearly cross it out and initial the changes.

– If you are selling some cattle with HGP and some without, or some cattle with a chemical withholding period and some without, or some cattle you have owned for less than two months and some for longer, then we advise you to use two different NVDs to sell these cattle.

National Cattle Health Declarations

While not compulsory, we strongly recommend that when selling cattle you supply a completed National Health Declaration with your NVD.

This declaration combined with a JBAS score of 6 or higher will ensure you have as many buyers interested in your cattle as we are getting more and more buyers requesting these declarations.

Below is an example of a completed NCHD. Tip – Print our a few blank copies to grab, fill out & go!

When Buying

Our auctioneers will announce if a pen does NOT have a NCHD or JBAS. If you would like to find out before the sale what cattle may be a suitable fit for your operation you are welcome to come to the office to confirm what information was sent in for particular pens.

We CANNOT get a NCHD after the sale – we have no control of whether a vendor sends in a NCHD (it is recommended but not compulsory). It is a buyer’s responsibility to make an informed purchase.

We are in the process of getting of our software changed so details of the NCHD will be included in your post sale reports but until this is implemented please notify the administration staff and note on your Buyers Registration/ Instruction Form that copies of the NCHD are required and they will be attached to your waybill.

As we have mentioned many times there may be more changes to come so it is imperative that you keep your eyes and ears open.