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LPA (Livestock Production Assurance) & NVD (National Vendor Declarations)

November 16, 2015

Effective 16 November 2015, the LPA Advisory Committee is withdrawing recognition of all earlier versions of the LPA NVDs except the most current versions.

The current versions that will remain valid are: the April 2013 (0413) version for Cattle, EU Cattle, Sheep and Lambs, and Goats. The April 2012 (0412) version for Bobby Calves
Most producers are using these now and have since December 2014.If they have this 0413 version they need do no more.

In short, if they are in LPA they are no longer allowed to use any other LPA NVD version other than 0413. The version is printed on the front cover of the NVD book and on the top of the NVD.

The phase-out of all but the most current versions of the LPA NVDs is being led by SAFEMEAT, a partnership between the red meat and livestock industry and the state and federal governments of Australia. The decision has the backing of all industry stakeholders and government.

Why the change? LPA NVDs are periodically reviewed and revised in order to manage food safety and market access issues. Questions on the current version of the LPA NVD were updated to streamline the information that is required to assess market eligibility. This means that when producers use the current version of the LPA NVD they no longer need to write the words ‘Saudi eligible’ or ‘Russian eligible’; simply answer all the questions accurately.

The phase-out will streamline the LPA NVD system and ensure all LPA NVDs accurately reflect current market requirements.
Withdrawing recognition of all previous versions ensures all requirements of our international trading partners have been addressed.

All producers accredited under the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program were written to in November 2015 to be informed of this change.