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Biosecurity Plans – The Facts

June 8, 2017


Do I need a Biosecurity Plan?

Yes.  If you want to continue accessing National Vendor Declarations you will need a biosecurity plan.  As of 1 October 2017 it is a compulsory part of your accreditation process.

Where can I get a Biosecurity Plan From?

All resources are web based – we do not have copies available for distribution at our office.  If you need a hard copy see below.  Alternatively, there are multiple available online (links below).  Pick the one that suits you and your operation.

Click here to access the MLA/LPA producer pack which includes a Biosecurity Plan

For the tech savvy there is also a FREE Biosecurity app |

Who Do I Contact If I have Issues Filling It Out?

Meat and Livestock Australia who administer the LPA program Phone | 1800 683 111

Where Do I have to Lodge My Biosecurity Plan Once Completed?

You keep it on file and use it as a resource to improve your operation and amend procedures if needed.  If you get audited you may need to produce it.

I Have Heard There Is A Cost Involved?

Yes.  From 1 October 2017 when producers renew their accreditation there will be a $66 fee every three (3) years.  This will be payable to Meat and Livestock Australia who administer the LPA system.

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