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Our Commitment To Welfare

At Burnett Livestock & Realty we have a complete and total commitment to welfare at our cattle sales.  We consider the welfare of all animals and people at our Burnett Livestock Exchange facility.  We have a written policy to minimise accidents for our employees that includes induction and on-going training and safety briefings before each sale if issues arise.  We currently exceed the ALPA guidelines for the operation of Saleyards.

We also have a written policy for the continuance of best practice standards in relation to cattle welfare.  We know that calm, well maintained cattle achieve the best prices as they produce the best beef; but more than that we employ people that have a genuine passion for working in the cattle industry and we share that passion with our employees.  Beef cattle are our business and we always ensure the welfare of the cattle at the Burnett Livestock Exchange sales.

If you have any concerns about welfare at the Burnett Livestock Exchange please contact Burnett Livestock & Realty.

Download a copy of our Cattle & Human Welfare Plan or the MLA’s national guide ‘Is the animal fit to load?’