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Cattle Sales

Requirements for Selling Cattle

 The three essentials are:

• April 2013 National Vendor Declaration This can come in the form of a book (20) of LPA NVDs or electronic NVDs (eNVDs). Please note the Burnett Livestock Exchange will only be accepting printed copies as in Queensland livestock is required to travel with a movement record ie the National Vendor Declaration. The PIC for the Burnett Livestock Exchange is QIBG2000.

• NLIS Device All cattle require an NLIS device.  If cattle arrive at the facility without an approved NLIS device, a saleyards tag will be applied at a cost to the vendor.

• Brand Cattle over 100kg need to be branded

OPTIONAL –  A National Cattle Health Declaration can be filled out at the vendors discretion for store cattle – they are not compulsory.  Blank copies can be downloaded here. 


How can I order LPA NVDs or edecs?

Once you are registered and accredited with LPA, you can acesss free eNVDs online at any time via the LPA Service Centre.

Both hard copy forms (books) and electronic LPA NVDs are available through the LPA Service Centre.  Alternatively, you can order LPA NVD books by calling 1800 683 111 (9am – 5pm Monday-Friday, AEST).

Each LPA NVD booklet contains 20 LPA NVDs and costs $40.00 (GST inclusive). This price includes all postage and handling.

What if I need an emergency LPA NVD?

Emergency LPA NVD are available only in emergency circumstances i.e. f an order for a NVD book has been placed and a producer is awaiting receipt of their new book they can access three emergency NVDs. Emergency LPA NVD can be accessed online through the LPA Service Centre or via the LPA hotline on 1800 683 111 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm AEST).


National Vendor Declarations – Important Information

Buyers are really cracking down on how National Vendor Declarations (NVDs) are completed. Some important areas to note are:

All NVDs must be signed in the Declaration section (above the carrier section)

Question 3 must be ticked either yes or no – you CANNOT tick both. If you are sending a mixed consignment of vendor bred and purchased cattle either send two NVDs or treat all of the consignment as the cattle you have owned the least amount of time eg: you have owned some of the cattle for 6-12 months, some you have owned for over 12 months and some you have owned since birth, then mark them all as 6-12 months.

Do not write Russian or Saudi Eligible on your NVD – there is no need for this anymore as the C0413 NVD version has negated this comment.

•  If you make a mistake clearly cross it out and initial the changes.

• If you are selling some cattle with HGP and some without, or some cattle with a chemical withholding period and some without, or some cattle you have owned for less than two months and some for longer, then we advise you to use two different NVDs to sell these cattle.

• To validate the eNVD, three copies must be printed and signed with copies provided to the transporter, livestock receiver and one retained for your records.


IS THE ANIMAL Fit to load?

This national guide has been developed to help you decide if an animal is fit to be loaded for transport by road or rail to any destination within Australia.

Click here to access the MLA’s ‘Is the animal fit to load?’ guide