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Livestock Equipment

Crushes and Cradles


Leichts manufacture high quality durable cattle handling equipment that is built to last. Our saleyards’ vet crush is also a Leichts Immobilizer Pro-Chute Crush and easily handles a high volume of cattle mouthing and husbandry work every sale.

Morrissey & Co

Morrissey & Co are leaders in cattle handling equipment, particularly calf cradles and calf races.


Agri ID is a regionally based, Quality Assured business that quickly and reliably produces and delivers your tags direct to the door. Agri ID offers NLIS tags and a full range of visual management tags.

Agri ID cattle NLIS tags are made of the highest quality moulded plastic. The ‘Tri-Swivel’ locking mechanism and tag base design permits maximum rotation & aeration promoting fast healing of the application wound. Less infection = Less itching = Less lost tags.

Visual Management Tags

Zeetags visual management tags come in various sizes, layouts and colours. Laser printed in black or can be left blank. Colours available include: white, red, lime, blue, orange, green, pink and yellow.

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