Livestock & Realty

Market Reports

Cows and Calves sell to $2900 at Biggenden.


Burnett Livestock & Realty’s Biggenden Meatworks and store sale on Monday 27 of June saw a yarding of 1600 head.


Cattle were drawn from Theodore, Biloela, Eidsvold, Mundubbera, Gayndah, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, Maryborough, Tiaro, Kilkivan, Lower Wonga, Murgon, Goomeri and local areas.


Six and eight tooth crossbred bullocks from the Goodnight scrub sold for 399c/$2614. Eight tooth Droughtmaster bullocks from Wallaville sold for 388c/$2756. Milk tooth Limousin steers from Bundaberg sold for 428c/$2290. Four tooth red Brahman bullocks from Bundaberg sold for 395c/$2371.


Grey Brahman cows from Gayndah sold for 344c/$2256. Red Brahman cows from Gayndah sold for 338c/$1974. Limousin cross cows from Gin Gin sold for 329c/$1846. Santa Gertudis cows from Coringa sold for 329c/$2046.


Santa Gertrudis cows and calves from Teebar sold for $2900 and PTIC cows for $2250. Brahman cross & crossbred heifers from Monto PTIC sold from $2000-2400.


Two tooth Droughtmaster steers from Byrnestown sold for 498c/$2291. Milk tooth Droughtmaster steers from Dallarnil sold for 498c/$2111. Two tooth Droughtmaster steers from Miriam Vale sold for 498c/$2152.


Milk tooth Braford steers from Theodore sold for 494c/$2149. Milk tooth Angus cross steers from Brooweena sold for 518c/$2020. Milk tooth Romagnola cross steers from Biloela sold for 526c/$2062. Milk tooth red Brahman cross steers from Gayndah sold for 498c/$1946. Milk tooth Brangus steers from Monto sold for 542c/$1857. Milk tooth Brahman cross steers from Mount Perry sold for 560c/$1774.


F1 Charolais cross weaner steers from Biggenden sold for 590-672c/$1600-1900. Simmental cross weaner steers from Mount Perry sold for 658-678c/$1288-$1592. Charolais-Droughtmaster cross weaner steers from Mount Perry sold for 642c/$1581. Red Brangus weaner steers from Wallaville sold for 632c/$1614. Grey Brahman weaner steers from Biggenden sold for 598c/$1529. Most weaner steers for 500-600c/kg.


Milk and two tooth Charbray heifers from Biggenden sold for 408c/$2056. Milk tooth Charolais cross heifers from Boompa sold for 440c/$1638. Milk tooth Santa Gertrudis cross heifers from Gayndah sold for 456c/$1668. Milk tooth Charbray heifers from Childers sold for 500c/$1750.


Santa weaner heifers from Coringa sold for 514c/$1544. Speckle Park weaner heifers from Maryborough sold for 598c/$1455. Charolais cross weaner heifers from Kilkilvan sold for 550c/$1210. Santa Gertrudis cross weaner heifers from Lower Wonga sold for 518c/$1109. Most crossbred weaner heifers sold for 430-470c/kg and the Brahman cross weaner heifers sold for 360-420c/kg.


Our next Meatworks and Store sale is on Monday 11 of July 2022