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 Livestock Market Report for Biggenden Cattle Sale 18 June 2018

Category Weight Range Head Cents per Kg Dollars per Head
Steers Up to 200kg 18 140.0c – 260.0c $175.00 – $481.00
Steers 200 – 300kg 123 128.2c – 283.2c $311.95 – $712.50
Steers 300 – 400kg 46 180.0c – 259.2c $549.00 – $964.59
Steers 400 – 500kg 53 158.2c – 263.2c $648.62 – $1210.56
Steers 500 – 600kg 31 224.2c – 261.2c $1202.91 – $1513.33
Steers Over 600kg 18 247.2c – 255.2c $1568.41 – $1878.72
Heifers Up to 200kg 26 140.0c – 200.0c $147.00 – $380.00
Heifers 200 – 300kg 101 40.0c – 236.2c $90.00 – $643.65
Heifers 300 – 400kg 98 110.0c – 243.2c $352.00 – $952.22
Heifers Over  400kg 47 172.2c – 247.2c $731.85 – $1545.00
Cows Up to 400kg 21 40.2c – 166.2c $120.60 – $648.18
Cows 400 – 500kg 74 126.2c – 235.0c $580.52 – $1151.50
Cows Over  500kg 87 120.2c – 210.2c $685.14 – $1555.48
Bulls Up to 250kg 11 220.0c – 234.2c $404.64 – $499.23
Bulls 250 to 450kg 11 152.2c – 226.2c $494.65 – $836.00
Bulls 450 – 600kg 7 210.2c – 233.2c $956.41 – $1329.24
Bulls Over 600kg 8 54.2c – 236.2c $336.04 – $2022.72


Total Live Weight Yarding 780
Average C/KG 214.4c
Average $/Head $800.16
Total Open Auction – Cows & Calves 12 x 12
Average $/unit for Cows & Calves $680.00

Weaner Steers Sell To 283.2c/kg At Biggenden

Burnett Livestock & Realty’s meatworks and store sale on Monday 18 June saw a yarding of 800 head. Heavy bulls topped at 236c/kg; steers over 600kg topped at 255c; cows over 500kg topped at 210c; cows 400kg to 500kg topped at 195c and trade heifers over 400kg topped at 247c.

Feeder steers 400kg to 500kg sold to a top of 263c while steers 300kg to 400kg sold to 259c. Steers 200kg to 300kg sold to 283c. Heifers 300kg to 400kg sold for 243c and heifers 200kg to 300kg sold to 236c.

Cattle were drawn from Comet, Widgee, Thangool, Mount Perry, Rosedale, Mundubbera, Booubyjan, Oyster Creek, Hervey Bay, Gin Gin, Gayndah, Maryborough, Bundaberg and all local areas.

Two tooth Grey Brahman bullocks from Coalstoun Lakes sold for 261c/$1513.  Six and eight tooth Brangus bullocks from Lowmead sold for 254c/$1568.  Red Brahman bullocks from Brooweena sold for 253c/$1810.

Charolais cross cows from Thangool sold for 210c/$1555. Brahman cows from Comet sold for 199c/$954.  Charbray cows from Gin Gin sold for 204c/$1337.  Braford cows from Bundaberg sold for 205c/$1128.  Droughtmaster cows from Biggenden sold for 200c/$1211. Droughtmaster cows from Gin Gin sold for 204c/$1092.

Milk tooth Charbray steers from Biggenden sold for 263c/$1070.  Two tooth Red Brahman steers from Widgee sold for 252c/$1154.  Two tooth Droughtmaster steers from Gin Gin sold for 251c/$1262.  Milk tooth Droughtmaster steers from Gin Gin sold for 256c/$1078.  Droughtmaster milk tooth steers from Bundaberg sold for 259c/$788.

Charolais cross weaner steers from Mundubbera sold for 260c/$677.  Charbray weaner steers from Eidsvold sold for 272c/$624.  Red Brangus weaner steers from Mundubbera sold for 260c/$665.  Braford weaner steers from Bundaberg sold for 283c/$569.

Milk tooth Red Brangus heifers from Mundubbera sold for 233c/$991.  Angus cross milk tooth heifers from Mundubbera sold for 240c/$952.  Milk tooth crossbred heifers from Wallaville sold for 243c/$913.  Milk tooth Charbray heifers from Biggenden sold for 240c/$923.

Charbray weaner heifers from Mundubbera sold for 236c/$856.  Charbray weaner heifers from Eidsvold sold for 230c/$535 and Angus weaner heifers from Rosedale sold for 228c/$484.

Our second weaner sale will be on Thursday 28 June and our next meatworks and store is Monday 2 July.