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 Livestock Market Report for Biggenden Cattle Sale 21 January 2019

Category Weight Range Head Cents per Kg Dollars per Head
Steers Up to 200kg 58 200.0c – 272.2c $280.25 – $488.29
Steers 200 – 300kg 252 124.2c – 298.2c $260.82 – $847.15
Steers 300 – 400kg 211 140.0c – 290.2c $476.00 – $1025.99
Steers 400 – 500kg 109 156.2c – 280.0c $747.00 – $1386.00
Steers 500 – 600kg 23 200.0c – 283.2c $1075.00 – $1486.80
Steers Over 600kg 2 182.2c – 256.2c $1093.20 – $1639.68
Heifers Up to 200kg 76 102.2c – 260.2c $192.14 – $486.16
Heifers 200 – 300kg 222 110.0c – 260.2c $261.04 – $774.10
Heifers 300 – 400kg 146 104.2c – 261.2c $343.86 – $979.97
Heifers Over  400kg 40 140.0c – 265.2c $574.00 – $1511.64
Cows Up to 400kg 18 104.2c – 220.0c $281.32 – $792.00
Cows 400 – 500kg 131 146.2c – 237.2c $610.39 – $1102.03
Cows Over  500kg 137 140.0c – 263.2c $742.00 – $1204.28
Bulls Up to 250kg 3 158.2c – 218.2c $308.49 – $469.13
Bulls 250 to 450kg 14 120.0c – 238.2c $444.0 – $926.49
Bulls 450 – 600kg 2 206.2c – 220.2c $1061.93 – $1112.01
Bulls Over 600kg 15 160.2c – 255.2c $1209.51 – $2221.39


Total Live Weight Yarding 1461
Average C/KG 229.2c
Average $/Head $786.58
Total Open Auction – Cows & Calves 26 x 26
Average $/unit for Cows & Calves $885.38

Charbray Weaner Steers Sell To 298c At Biggenden

Burnett Livestock & Realty’s meatworks and store sale saw a yarding of 1527. Quality cattle shone through as the season continues to toughen. Better quality weaner heifers and steers sold to a stronger than expected market while feeder weight steers and heifers had some quality related easing.

Cattle were drawn from Chinchilla, Mundubbera, Monto, Calliope, Murgon, Goomeri, Gympie, Gayndah, Gin Gin, Lowmead, Maryborough, Childers, Rosedale, Yandaran and all local areas.

Four and six tooth crossbred bullocks from Hervey Bay for 283c/$1486. Two and four tooth bullocks from Gin Gin sold for 265c/$1465. Eight tooth Brahman bullocks from Bucca for 269c/$1346.

Charbray two tooth heifers from Gin Gin sold for 259c/$1257. Six tooth Brahman heifers from Bucca sold for 245c/$1262. Two and four tooth Droughtmaster heifers from Maryborough sold for 265c/$1511. Six tooth Brahman heifers from Booyal sold for 265c/$1365. Six tooth crossbred heifers from Boompa sold for 263c/$1447.

Droughtmaster cows from Byrnestown sold for 232c/$1232. Brahman cross cows from Didcot sold for 229c/$1206. Grey Brahman cows from Gayndah sold for 236c/$1220. Brahman cows from Goodnight Scrub sold for 233c/$1171. Grey Brahman cows from Ban Ban Springs sold for 237c/$1307. Hereford cows from Eidsvold sold for 232c/$1538. Brangus cows from Mundubbera sold for 227c/$1196. Brahman cross cows from Proston sold for 234c/$1200.

Milk and two tooth crossbred steers from Biggenden sold for 280c/$1386. Two tooth Charbray steers from Gin Gin sold for 272c/kg or $1187. Two tooth Senepol cross steers from Scotchy Pocket sold for 267c/$1215. Milk tooth Droughtmaster steers from Eidsvold sold for 281c/$944. Milk tooth Brangus steers from Mundubbera for 267c/$837.

Charbray weaner steers from Eidsvold sold for 298c/$769. Charbray weaner steers from Goodnight Scrub sold for 288c/$844. Droughtmaster weaner steers from Hivesville for 282c/$723. Santa Gertrudis weaner steers from Gayndah sold for 288c/$947. Limousin weaner steers from Boompa sold for 288c/$821. Charbray weaner steers from Childers sold for 286c/$872. Droughtmaster weaner steers from Bundaberg sold for 290c/$906. Simmental weaner steers from Windera sold for 286c/$844.

Milk tooth crossbred heifers from Proston sold for 250c/$929. Milk tooth crosssbred heifers from Eidsvold sold for 250c/$903. Milk tooth Droughtmaster heifers from Coringa sold for 261c/$919. Milk tooth speyed heifers from Gooroolba for 256c/$967.

Grey Brahman weaner heifers from Gayndah sold for 260c/$577. Charbray weaner heifers from Eidsvold sold for 248c/$570. Brangus weaner heifers from Mundubbera sold for 257c/$878. Droughtmaster weaner heifers from Childers sold for 236c/$527. Simmental weaner heifers from Aramara sold for 255c/$618. Angus weaner heifers from Bundaberg sold for 255c/$786.

The next meatworks and store sale will be on Monday 4 February 2019.