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New Biggenden saleyards nears completion

New Biggenden saleyards nears completion

Mark Phelps@MarkQCL

Owners Lance and Stephanie Whitaker, Burnett Livestock and Real Estate, at the new Biggenden saleyards.

BURNETT Livestock’s new $3.7 million Biggenden saleyards are on track for the scheduled March 29 completion date.

Already in operation, the innovative yards feature 390 selling pens, a sophisticated cattle processing facility, a dip, and a double deck loading ramp.

Contractors are still working to complete the last of the catwalks, shade over the buyer walkways, and holding pens. A single deck loading ramp specifically for body trucks is also still to be constructed.

Burnett Livestock auctioneer Paul Hastings looking over the new Biggenden saleyards.

The impressive yards were designed and are being built by Thompson Longhorn, with the assistance of an army of local contractors.

Owners Lance and Stephanie Whitaker, Burnett Livestock and Realty, said the construction had gone remarkably smoothly since work began in August.

“It will certainly be great to have the project completed,” Mr Whitaker said.

“Cattle work very well through the new facility and there has already been plenty of positive feedback from both vendors and buyers.”

The new yards replace wooden yards dating back to the 1950s.

Biggenden has typically sold about 40,000 cattle a year. However, that number is expected to increase as the North Burnett centre increases in importance as a selling centre.

The yard are being build with the assistance of the Federal Government, which provided the job generating business with a $1.2 million grant.

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