Thank you for allowing us to sell your cattle

Below is some useful information to make the process seamless and hassle free.

When are your cattle sales held?

Biggenden Meatworks and Store Sales are held every 2nd Monday at the Burnett Livestock Exchange starting at 9:00am. We also hold special sales throughout the year including a steer sale, female sale and three weaner sales. For more information about our sale days please see our sale calendar.

I have never sold cattle with Burnett Livestock and Realty. What do I need to do?

  1. New vendors to Burnett Livestock & Realty will need to complete a client information sheet. This can be obtained by clicking here or contacting our office via phone: (07) 41 271 277 or email: admin@burnettlr.com.au
  2. Vendors will need to have a current PIC and LPA accreditation with a national vendor declaration (C0720) edition. If you require a PIC (property identification code) you will need to contact your local DAF office. If you are not LPA accredited or need to order NVD’s contact the MLA 1800 683 111 or visit the MLA website. Refer to our newsletter & Alerts page to see the latest industry updates.
  3. National Cattle Declarations are not compulsory.

Are you a new producer?

Click here for this handy checklist provided by LPA to ensure you are ready to sell cattle.

Are NLIS tags compulsory?

All cattle need to be fitted with an approved NLIS device before being transported from the property to the saleyards. If cattle arrive to the facility without an NLIS device, a saleyards tag will be applied at a cost to the vendor.

What is the curfew?

Cattle must be at the saleyards by 5:00pm the day before the sale.

Do I have to transfer my eartags/RFID’s from my PIC?

All the transferring of tags is handled by the Burnett Livestock Exchange administration staff.  This is done within 24 hours of the sale completion.

When will I receive my cattle prices?

If you have an email address or fax number these reports are sent to vendors and purchasers on completion of the sale. To change any of your details including fax numbers or email address please complete a Client Information Sheet and forward to the office.

When will I get paid for the cattle I sold?

Payment is made 14 days after the date of the sale.  An account sale (a Recipient Created Tax Invoice – RCTI) is emailed or posted to coincide with payment.

If I purchase cattle, what are your payment terms?

If it is your first purchase, Burnett Livestock & Realty will require you to pay before the cattle leave the saleyards/holding facility.  For recurring purchasers, an invoice will be issued on the day after the sale and payment must be made within 7 days of purchasing the cattle.  Ownership of cattle or products remains with Burnett Livestock & Realty until the invoice is paid in full.  Overdue accounts will attract 12% daily interest from the invoice date.

What is the Burnett Livestock Exchange PIC & Address?

The PIC for the Burnett Livestock Exchange is QIBG2000 and the address is Saleyards Road, Biggenden Qld.

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