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Burnett Livestock & Realty commenced business in September 2007, previously operating as Noel Anderson & Co and Biggenden Real Estate.

The change to the new name was made to better capture what we do and where we do business. Burnett Livestock and Realty comprises the Cattle Sales, Livestock Sales Team and the Real Estate & Property Sales Team, both of which are supported by efficient and reliable administration staff.  Our dedicated team members always try to accommodate clients’ needs and go the extra mile for them. We deliver results not rhetoric.

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Our Motto

Delivering Results - Not Rhetoric We define rhetoric as empty promises. We believe that promising clients the sky and then doing very little is the worst outcome for a client. We are about results.

Our Areas

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Australian Livestock Markets Association | Burnett Livestock & Realty REIQ Accredited Agency | Burnett Livestock & Realty ALPA | Burnett Livestock & Realty

Our Mission Statement

We provide Livestock and Real Estate clients with accurate information and versatile resources. We are approachable and provide a personalised service.