Burnett Livestock & Realty

Burnett Livestock and Realty is situated in Biggenden Queensland, our name captures what we do and where we do business. Burnett Livestock and Realty own, manage and operate the Biggenden Saleyards known as Burnett Livestock Exchange. Burnett Livestock Exchange is one of the largest privately owned selling centers in Queensland.

Burnett Livestock and Realty is a Livestock and Real Estate agency specialising in regional and rural services. The team at Burnett Livestock and Realty are dedicated to accommodating clients’ needs by going the extra mile to deliver results.

Real Estate

Providing a full range of Real Estate services in the Wide Bay and Burnett area. We market and sell residential land and houses, rural acreage, commercial properties and businesses. If required our agents also offer auctioneer services. With excellent local knowledge, energy and flexibility we always strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Cattle Sales

Our team of specialists in the beef industry can market your livestock through fortnightly cattle sales in Biggenden, paddock sales or direct to meatwork consignments. Our experienced agents have extensive networks in the cattle industry enabling them to find buyers for your cattle or source the cattle you might be looking for.

Burnett Livestock Exchange

Burnett Livestock & Realty’s primary selling centre is situated in Biggenden in the North Burnett. The Burnett Livestock Exchange is known for its commitment to safety, quality and animal welfare. Liveweight combined fat and store cattle sales are conducted on a fortnightly basis. We also offer special and feature cattle sales throughout the year.

Upcoming Livestock Sales

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