All Breeds Weaner Sale 22 June 2023

Posted 23/06/2023

Burnett Livestock and Realty’s Biggenden All Breeds Weaner Sale on Thursday 22 June 2023 saw a yarding of 1975 head.

Cattle were drawn from Chinchilla, Theodore, Eidsvold, Mundubbera, Gayndah, Goomeri, Tansey, Murgon, Hivesville, Kilkivan, Tiaro, Hervey Bay, Rosedale, Lowmead, Miriam Vale and all local areas.

Charolais cross steers from Eumundi sold for 386c/$1062. F1 Charolais cross steers from Gayndah sold for 382c/$930. F1 Charolais cross steers from Theodore sold for 370c/$991. Charolais cross steers from Teebar sold for 348c/$898. Charbray steers from Gooroolba sold for 376c/$995. Charbray weaner steers from Monto sold for 360c/$950. Charolais Droughtmaster steers from Chinchilla sold for 372c/$1012.

Simmental cross weaner steers from Wallaville sold for 338c/$930. Santa Simmental weaner steers from Booubyjan sold for 376c/$952. Simmental Angus cross steers from Tansey sold for 348c/$828. Simmental cross steers from Tiaro sold for 348c/$706. Braford cross steers from Miriam Vale sold for 358c/$761.

Brangus weaner steers from Wallaville sold for 358c/$1033. Angus cross weaner steers from Monduran sold for 356c/$1013. Brangus weaner steers from Gaeta sold for 356c/$961. Angus weaner steers from Coalstoun Lakes sold for 348c/$914. Angus cross steers from Mundubbera sold for 335c/$904.

Santa Gertrudis steers from Bundaberg sold for 308c/$893. Santa Gertrudis steers from Yarrabine sold for 328c/$726. Santa steers from Ubobo sold for 328c/$862.

Droughtmaster steers from Woolooga sold for 342c/$798. Droughtmaster steers from Eumundi sold for 338c/$793. Droughtmaster steers from Biggenden sold for 328c/$1183.

Grey Brahman steers for Mundubbera sold for 326c/$1081. Brahman cross steers from Boompa sold for 346c/$969. Grey Brahman steers from Woowoonga sold for 296c/$788. Brahman cross steers from Biggenden sold for 330c/$940.

Charolais Droughtmaster cross heifers from Eumundi sold for 278c/$692. Charolais cross heifers from Woolooga sold for 276c/$622. Charolais cross heifers from Teebar sold for 254c/$660. Charolais cross weaner heifers from Chinchilla sold for 260c/$678.

Santa Gertrudis heifers from Yarrabine sold for 248c/$502. Santa Gertrudis heifers from Ubobo sold for 258c/$662.

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