Market Report – 11 May Weaner Sale

Posted 12/05/2023

Weaner Sale 11 May Market Report

Lucky Vendor – Myola Grazing Co, Miriam Vale

Best Pen of Droughtmaster or Droughtmaster Infused weaners – Dermark Pty Ltd, Gayndah

Best Pen of Angus or Angus Infused weaners – Gigoomgan Pastoral, Brooweena

Best Pen of Braford or Braford Infused weaners – R & D Charles, Monto

Best Pen of Brahman or Brahman Infused weaners – Silvana Grazing Co, Gin Gin

Champion Pen of Weaners – Droughtmaster or Droughtmaster Infused weaners – Dermark Pty Ltd, Gayndah.

The Champion pen was bought by Wilpeena Cattle Company. Burnett Livestock and Realty would like to thank the Acton family for their continued support.

Burnett Livestock and Realty’s weaner sale on the Thursday 11 May 2023 saw a yarding of 2606 head.

Cattle were drawn Theodore, Monto, Eidsvold, Mundubbera, Gayndah, Goomeri, Murgon, Kilkivan, Brooweena, Woolooga, Eumundi, Booubyjan, Theebine, Rosedale, Miriam Vale, Gin Gin and all local areas.

Charbray steers from Goodnight Scrub sold for 394c/$1176. Charbray steers from Waterloo sold for 404c/$1103. Charbray and Brangus steers from Miriam Vale sold from 360-408c/$929-$1165. Simbrah steers from Childers sold for 412c/$1157. Simmental Angus cross steers from Mundubbera sold for 422c/$1047.

Brangus cross steers from Riverleigh sold for 388c/$1264. Angus cross steers from Wilson Valley sold from 380-394c/$841-$1201. Brangus steers from Wallaville sold for 398c/$1349. Angus steers from Monto sold for 388c/$1261. Brangus steers from Monto sold for 396c/$1125.

Brangus steers from Biggenden sold for 406c/$1003. Angus steers from Mount Perry sold for 402c/$884. Red Angus cross steers from Bundaberg sold for 396c/$1081.

Braford steers from Langley Flats sold for 392c/$1092. Braford steers from Gayndah sold for 380c/$982. Braford steers from Woowoonga sold for 368c/$1258.

Droughtmaster steers from Yandaran sold for 400c/$1217. Droughtmaster steers from Woolooga sold for 448c/$1214. Droughtmaster cross steers from Kilkivan sold for 380c/$1194.

Droughtmaster steers from Gayndah sold for 402c/$1234. Droughtmaster steers from Eumundi sold for 400-420c/$903-$1300. Droughtmaster steers from Booubyjan sold from 398-406c/$840-1062. Droughtmaster steers from Theebine sold for 418c/$894.

Red Brahman steers from Monto sold for 346c/$766-$1116. Grey Brahman steers from Waterloo sold for 368c/$929-$1086. Red Brahman cross steers from Rosedale sod for 350c/$897. Red Brahman steers from Theodore sold for 348c/$956.

Angus heifers from Brooweena sold for 350c/$1078. Angus cross heifers from Woowoonga sold for 310c/$728. Charbray and Brangus heifers from Miriam Vale sold for 308c/$791. Angus cross heifers from Booubyjan sold for 298c/$685. Angus cross heifers from Eumundi sold for 328c/$926.

Angus cross heifers from Monto sold for 288c/$702. Angus Simmental cross heifers from Mundubbera sold for 308c/$739. Angus cross heifers from Woolooga sold for 316c/$732.

Droughtmaster heifers from Childers sold for 370c/$956. Droughtmaster heifers from Gayndah sold for 298c/$823. Droughtmaster heifers from Theebine sold for 298c/$580. Red Brahman heifers from Theodore sold for 344c/$860.

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